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Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are: Geoff Woollacott for Senate
Our website address is:

Data we are using

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to track traffic and usage data on our site. This enables us to see what’s working, and what’s not so, we can make changes to the site to give users a better experience. While no personal information is revealed, Google Analytics tracks your location, device, browser, IP address, and pages visited.

GiveWP Donations: We use GiveWP Donations to allow visitors to donate to our campaign. When you click on the Donate button, GiveWP creates a session, which saves a cookie in your browser to securely facilitate the donation process. Cookies are saved in your browser for 1 week so you can return and view your donation receipt. 

Volunteer and Newsletter Signup: We collect email and some personal information through forms on our site in order to communicate with interested visitors. This information is sent directly to the Geoff Woollacott for Senate team and is never shared with other entities. 

Who might have access to your data

Alphabet Corporation (Google): Your data may be accessible to Alphabet Corporation (Google) as part of Google Analytics that is used to track traffic and usage statistics on the site. We may share data collected through Google Analytics with campaign advisors to gain insights.

GiveWP Donations: When you donate to us through our website, the data you give through the form is saved to our database and may be accessible by GiveWP Donations and any staff or contractors who are authorized to access the website back end. 

Stripe: While GiveWP provides the front-end form for users to donate to Geoff Woollacott for Senate, Stripe processes the actual credit card payments. Any data collected in the form is stored in Stripes database and may be accessible by employees of Stripe.