Chip in $20 to Help Us Kick Off Our Campaign

Get Involved


Gather Signatures

Geoff can’t get on the ballot unless he gets 3,000 signatures.  Help us collect signatures in person throughout New Hampshire.  Click below to send Geoff a message to sign up. 

Make Phone Calls

In addition to gathering signatures, we would love volunteers to help us make phone calls and get the word out about the Woollacott for Senate campaign.  Click below to let him know you’re willing to make some phone calls on his behalf.

Host an Event

IN-Person Event

We are planning a number of in-person events throughout  New Hampshire to get the word out.  We are looking for folks to host gatherings in their home or in community spaces. Click below to let Geoff know you’re willing to host an in-person event.

Virtual Event

We are also planning a number of Zoom events and would love volunteers to help host these as well. Click below to let Geoff know you’re willing to host a Zoom event.


An Independent who has not been heavily involved politically for multiple decades is certainly a long-shot candidate.  We need all the help we can get to finance this campaign.  Every little bit makes a difference.