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About Geoff

About Geoff:

Geoff Woollacott has been involved in politics for over four decades. His politics have shifted as society has shifted from Post-WWII-era practices to the digital economy at the core of social upheaval. From H.W. Bush to Andrew Yang, Geoff supported candidates not for their detailed policy prescriptions but because they were asking the right questions.

Today, Geoff Woollacott is running as an Independent to represent you, the people of New Hampshire, in the United States Senate.

Geoff graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Economics and Government. He also spent a semester abroad and was affiliated with the London School of Economics. During this time, he studied the legal challenges of adding European Union legal and policy overlays to nation states with bodies of law hundreds of years old. 

In addition to being a highly active individual in the political sphere, Geoff is father and a grandfather, and he was a business owner for almost two decades. Geoff has a deep appreciation for small businesses that are the backbone of many communities. He knows what it is like to lay awake at night worrying about making payroll or wondering how a new law is going to impact his business. Geoff is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem (CASA/GAL) in New Hampshire and calls it one of the hardest yet most rewarding volunteering efforts he has ever done.


Why Is He Running?

The answer to this question is simple: He can’t not do it.

Neither party speaks to him, and he’s not in the minority with that sentiment. This general malaise has been reinforced in NH where opinion polls suggest over 75% of the state feels the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The status quo in DC seems more like a verbal high school cafeteria food fight than a thoughtful debate on the pressing issues of the day. From the dissatisfaction, Geoff has heard it described as elites more concerned with retaining power than working for the people; that leaders are just saying what they need to say to retain power.

What is the fundamental factor underpinning all this citizen dissatisfaction? Profound societal change. He firmly believes we are at a defining moment in world history the likes of which we have not seen since the early 1800s and the advent of mechanical production.

This is often described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is a profound change impacting what we do for work, how we gather socially, and how we purchase goods and services. Throw in a once in a century pandemic, inflation for the first time in 40 years, and war in Ukraine, and it is no wonder citizens are so anxious about the future and so disappointed in our national leaders.

The debate must shift from “how much” to “how.”

In simple terms, we hear politicians talking in terms of “How Much.” How much are we going to spend and how much are we going to tax? The debate gets shortened to dollar figures or social media hashtag slogans. However, we are at a time when we need to have more substantive and far-reaching debates in terms of HOW we are going to tax or HOW we are going to distribute government services to citizens.

Geoff pledges to ask different questions. Questions about issues for which there are no proven solutions or policy remediation because they are new. He will not relitigate the past. He will not seek to assign more blame to one party or the other. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same political coin, and it is a currency fewer and fewer voters feel is in their pockets. He believes we have to change that.

New Hampshire can lead the nation

We know this seat is considered winnable by both parties. We know national money is going to come pouring into the state for heavy advertising. Much of that heavy advertising will negatively define opponents rather than offer a vision or a path forward for the nation. We also know the 2024 presidential campaign starts the day after our November election. 

What kind of a message would it send to these aspirants if, after all the money the established parties poured into the first in the nation’s primary state, the citizens rejected both parties and sent an independent down as their representative? How would this change the 2024 campaigns? How would this change the rhetoric that has turned off so many voters and left them not even bothering to go to the polls because they don’t think exercising that right to vote makes any difference?

If this resonates with you, then Geoff has made it his job over the next few months to present his ideas to you, so you can decide for yourself if he is someone competent enough to represent you while also messaging to the established parties that New Hampshire has had enough of the verbal food fight that passes for political discourse in Washington.

The party extremes get the digital clicks and follow, the sane center gets the people’s business done.