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Abortion feels a lot like Groundhog Day, and legal access needs to be protected

By Geoff Woollacott

Like many I was extremely saddened to learn of the leaked SCOTUS opinion, that, if ruled would overturn Roe and revert abortion back to the states. As a nation we have battled this issue for 49 years. The hope I had was that it would be firmly established as settled law, no matter the vagueness of its legal originations from two concurring opinions back in 1973.

I am not a woman, nor, in my lifetime, have I had a woman seek my advice or input into her decision making process on the matter. I would be highly surprised if there is a single woman out there who, when thinking of her future, hopes to be in a situation where abortion is something she is going to have to consider. It is safe to say abortion considerations fall into three broad categories, all of which are unpleasant. 1) Unwanted pregnancy, 2) Health risks for the mother, and 3) Fetal abnormalities.

Looking to the future, if I am ever in a position to vote on a matter pertaining to abortion, I will opt for the choice most closely aligned to the current Roe provisioning.

To those opposing Roe and seeking more restrictions, I would suggest an alternative. Abortion is a symptom, not a cause. The cause is most often unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, reducing unwanted pregnancy through better birth control education and access will go a long way to reducing the need for abortion.

Abortion will not be a heavily emphasized theme in my campaign, but I intend for this blog to make clear where I stand. I researched it intently in the mid-1990s during the early thrusts to establish fetal rights and to ban partial birth abortions. I relied heavily on information found on the Allen Guttmacher Institute website. In reviewing the site ahead of this blog, I learned of the considerable progress that HAS been made to reduce unwanted pregnancies based on some of the data tabulated on the site.

I encourage anyone undecided or interested in gaining a better understanding of the facts as it pertains to abortion to go the Allen Guttmacher Institute website.

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